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Easy Ways to Curl Hair Using a Hot Air Brush

Hot Air Brush

If you love the shiny look of straight, pin-straight hair and you want to use smooth, gentle hairstyles for curly hair, highly suggest using a hot air hairbrush. Also known as flat irons, straight hair tools dry and shape the hair without the risk of damaging the delicate structure of the hair. In addition, they have the power to provide an even and smooth finish on your hairstyle.

First, know how to curl using hot air brush properly. It is important to understand how to curl using hot air hairbrush, otherwise you’ll end up having damaged hair. In addition, when you know how to curl using hot air hairbrush, you will not waste your money on the expensive flat irons that are out there.

You can begin by brushing the hair in a circular motion. This makes it easier for the tool to reach the roots of your hair. When you use a hot air hairbrush, you should apply pressure on the hair while brushing to help the tool to get to the root.

Next, move your hair in a downward direction from the head. This moves the tool to where the root of your hair is closest. You will find that the first few passes of the brush will not completely reach the root. However, the longer you do the brushing, the closer your hair will be to the root.

Once you are close, you can take your hand and gently stroke your hair from the roots to the tips. When you take your brush away from the root, it will allow the air to flow freely from your hair shaft. The better your hair is conditioned, the more frizz-free your hair will be.

After you are done with your first few passes of hot air brushing, you need to rinse your hair in hot water before putting it in the iron. This will remove any excess oil from the hair. After that, you can begin to dry your hair using a towel or hair dryer.

Hot Air Brush

Now that your hair is completely dried, place it in your iron and you should feel some resistance while the air is being blown through the iron. This means that the hair has been properly conditioned.

Finally, you should be ready to know how to curl using hot air brush properly. This way, you’ll save your money on the expensive flat irons that have the potential to damage your hair. And, you’ll have a healthy, beautiful hair for a long time.

You can start by using one of your fingers. Start by brushing in a circular motion around the length of your hair. Be sure to brush your entire head at one time. You can also use the same technique to do a part of the hair at a time. After this process, you will have a straight line on the top of the head. This line should be the same color as the rest of the hair.

To start your next pass of how to curl using hot air brush, gently brush in the same circular motion but move your brush in a different direction from the previous line to create a wavy or even line. Again, you should start in one direction, then move the brush in another direction.

Do this until the line is even. You should finish your last two passes in the same direction but with a twist on your brush. You should end up with a line about two to three inches down from the beginning. If there is any difference between the bottom of the line and the beginning, that is OK.

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