iPod nano screen transparent film protector
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Must have iPod accessory

I love my new iPod Nano. The Nano is so fabulously small and cute! However, I hear that the iPod Nano screen may scratch or smudge badly. That will just break my heart! Then, I heard about this fabulous iPod Nano transparent Film Kit from Japan that protects the Nano from smudges, dirt, scratches and fingerprints!


iPod Nano Film protects from dirt, dust and fingerprints

Alert: Many reviews have observed that the iPod Nano screen and back scratches badly.

iPod Nano Review #1

iPod Nano Review #2

iPod Nano Film Kit- better than any iPod Nano case!

The verdict is out! The iPod Nano is a way cool new generation iPod. However, it doesn't exactly come cheap and one can get heart broken if you new iPod Nano screen or back gets smudged, dirtied or scratched. You can always get an iPod Nano case but that means hiding the beauty and colour of the iPod Nano.

(Note: This film kit is for the 6th generation, latest iPod Nano. Please specify that you need the film kit for the earlier model if your Nano is not the latest model)

Using a Nano transparent Film Kit protector will definitely enhance the iPod Nano value when it is time to sell or trade-in!

Quality iPod Nano accessory from Japan

The Japanese love the iPod and Japan has one of the largest iPod customer base in the world. There are many well designed and unique iPod Nano accessories that are being made in Japan. However, due to the Japanese language, not many people outside Japan can enjoy these unique and special accessories. We are now sharing these products with the rest of the world by translating the Japanese instructions into English.

iPod Nano Film Kit

Each pack of iPod Nano Protective Film Kit comes with

2 sets of Scratch Guard Matrix Film (Protects the metallic back)

1 set of Crystal View (Protects the front of iPod Nano including the screen)

2 sets of Trackpad Slick Film (Protects the Click Wheel)

2 sets of Clickwheel button protector

3 sets of iPod Nano scratch protector films

Just Apply on iPod Nano. Non sticky and leaves no residue

• Protect iPod Nano against smudges, dirt, moisture and scratches
• Brings out the brilliant colour of iPod Nano
• Can be used in conjunction with with any iPod Nano case, sleeves, bags or pouches
• Protect the sensitive iPod Nano screen, wheel and metallic back
• Enhance future resale or trade-in value
• Works well with other iPod Nano accessory
• Made in Japan

Applying the transparent film on the iPod Nano is just so easy!

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Note: All iPod Nano shown here is for demonstration purposes only. Your order will not come with any iPod.

My Nano looks BEAUTIFUL and will stay that way thanks to you! A+ AWSOME PRODUCT

Ray Navarro, USA (October 05)

iPod Nano Case

Please inform us if your iPod Nano is the latest model or the earlier model

Order Now! Before your iPod Nano is scratched!

US$15.99 only


You will get two(2) transparent scratch guard matrix film, one(1) Crystal View, two(2) iPod Wheel Protector and two(2) Wheel Button Protector that fits perfectly onto your iPod Nano. It will form a perfect clear protection for the iPod Nano against scratches, dust and moisture. You will not even be aware it's there!

Each scratch guard matrix film comes in protective plastic sleeves. There will be pictorial instructions on how to apply the film. After applying the protective film, you can easily put your iPod Nano into any iPod case, sleeve, belt clip, iPod Speaker or iPod socks!

Made in Japan. Over 300 iPod Nano Film Protector sold from this website.

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