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iPod tips and tricks

The iPod scratches easily, especially the metallic back. Learn how to prevent scratches

Care for the iPod

Many people unwrap their ipod and use immediately. Yes, the ipod is that attractive! However, the ipod also gets scratched or dirty easily and I have seen many cases of scratched or dirtied ipods including scratched ipod screen or even broken ipod screen. Here are some ways to take care of the iPod once out of the box.

Vulnerabilities of iPod Nano and Video
The vulnerable areas include the iPod screen, iPod click wheel and back. I will encourage at the point of purchase of iPod to include screen and wheel protector immediately. Get a good silicone screen and wheel protector that does not use adhesive glue. You can purchase a good iPod Nano protector or iPod Video Protector from us.

Next, you may want to consider a silicone or a leather case. Personally, I prefer a leather case as it makes the iPod more classy and leather cases of various color can be found in many online stores. Be careful that you get the right size case. If you can afford, get a genuine leather case as it makes the iPod so much more classier. However, a cheap leather protection case will always be better than nothing.

I will not encourage getting the original open top Apple leather case. Not only is it more expensive, it is also more troublesome to use (need to slip in and out), and you can easily scratch the iPod if you mistakenly slip in the iPod from the wrong end.

Vulnerabilities of iPod mini
The iPod Mini is more robust than the normal iPod as it is made of anonized aluminium. It does not scratch easily nor does it get dirty easily. However, the iPod Mini screen and wheel remain vulnerable and it is highly encouraged that you purchase a screen and wheel protector or a skin wrap. Both are available for purchase from us.

Once you purchase a skin wrap, a case is optional, as it is well protected. However, many people will carry on with a case as iPod mini has a huge range of cases and it has become quite a fashion statement.

Vulnerabilities of iPod Shuffle
The iPod Shuffle is made of toughened acrylic and a external case is unneccessary. However, for people who uses the shuffle for extreme activities or sports, an external silicone case will be good to prevent scratches. There are many brands available but make sure you get one that has a cut-out or a thinned skin when the iPod shuffle controls are so that you can control the shuffle even while in it's casing. A lanyard is also a good idea as the original shuffle lanyard is not usable with an external skin.

We also sell a good shuffle case complete with lanyard.

Care for the iPod
There is no need to buy any of the fancy iPod cleaner or cleanser out in the market. If you have not bought a screen protector, get one immediately. Other than the screen, all parts for all the ipod model can be easily cleaned using a slightly damped cloth. You will want to use a spectacle cloth to clean the ipod screen.

Well, we hope this has been useful information for you. Do take time to check out the recommended solutions above. Teach the above tips to your friends or simply forward this article to them. And watch out for our other tips that are coming your way shortly.

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