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About Smart iPod

Hi! My name is Katherine Xie and I have been an iPod owner since 2002. I love my iPod but being an early adoptor, I had a hard time getting the right iPod information or the right iPod accessory.

Well, over the years, I have picked out the brilliant from the mundane and must have spent a fortune on iPod cases and accessories. Soon, friends were asking me for advize and by and by, I was selling quality iPod accessories through Ebay. Well, one thing lead to another and here I am with my own online e-commerce website. Wow....did I just say E-Commerce?

Anyway, my idea is not so much to sell iPod accessories but to share good iPod tips and tricks with everyone. Hey...I was a iPod newbie once too!

So, if you have any good iPod tips and tricks, feel free to let me know and I'll add them to this website!

Buying from this website
1. Choose from our website and select your desired item

2. Pay through your credit card(Visa/Master/Amex/Discovery) or e-check. Although we are using Paypal as our payment gateway, you do not need to be a Paypal member to utilize Paypal.

3. That's it!

4. If you have a bulk order (anything above 20 pieces in quantity), do write to us for better prices.

My Nano looks BEAUTIFUL and will stay that way thanks to you! A+ AWSOME PRODUCT

Ray N, USA (October 05)

I am concerned about online fraud
1. So am I! That's I am using Paypal, which is one of the largest and most secured credit card clearing house in the world. Paypal will protect you if there is ever a dispute.

2. If you are not confident about paying online, you may email me on paying through the banks.

3. If you have any queries, please write to this email address (

Delivery schedule
1. Once an order is recieved, I shall ship within 2 working days.

2. If an item is out of stock, I shall email and keep you updated.

3. I will ship all items via air. Normally, it takes about 6-12 days working days to reach anywhere in the world.

All my items are shipped from Singapore or Japan. The shipping fee you pay include shipping, handling and insurance charges. You will be given a tracking number once I have shipped. You may track shipping progress on real-time at this website. As your shipment is insured, I will arrange for a partial/full refund if the item is ever stolen or missing during the shipping process. However, I cannot be responsible for customs detention or taxes. Luckily, this has never happen!

I have shipped to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa and many parts of Europe without any problem.

1. I am sorry but due to the nature of our products, I cannot accept returns.

2. However, if I had made a mistake in our shipping, I apologize and will gladly send the correct replacement.

3. Please write to me directly for replacement issues if a wrong item has been shipped.
Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you wish to enquire more about any of the products. I can be contacted at this email address (

Item arrived, exactly as promised, all the way from Singapore in record time. A+

Terrie E, USA (November 05)

Can I learn to sell on the internet too?
Sure you can! I am no expert(there are plenty out there) but I shall share what I can.

1. Firstly, find a product that you will enjoy selling (iPods accessories, CDs, jewellery accessories, cookbooks, pet toys, software etc)

2. The best place to start is always Ebay. Why? Because the customers, the listing mechanism, the payment mechanism and the fraud mechanism are already in place. Ebay is free and it's the best place you can start with minimal cost and yet be exposed to literally millions of customers. Sign up for free at EBAY.

3. Ebay is really simple. Do a few buys and sells to familiarize yourself. At the same time, check out this amazing book by another housewife working part-time on the internet "How a Woman makes US$11,212 on Ebay every month!"

4. Once you are making regular income on Ebay, you may want to consider your own website. I started small, with just a basic website and then grew from there. There are three things you will need to consider, a good domain registrar(domain names), a web host (to place your website) and a good payment mechanism (To collect money). My recommendation for a good domain registrar is GoDaddy and good and competitive webhosting by Dot5hosting or BlueHost.

If you need to process international credit cards or electronic cheques, a good and reputable payment gateway is Paypal.

5. You will also need to learn some basic design and html skills to put up your website. There are many free and commercial softwares that allow you to do that. If you are totally new to web design and html, you may find this web design ebook useful. If you are not familiar with html or simply consider yourself a non-techy, then this software, XsitePro, is highly recommended. XsitePro is very easy to use and will require no html skills at all.

6. Even if you know two hoots about html and graphics design, there are companies that will let you have professional, cutting edge and good looking web templates which you may modify for your own website. Another good web template site can be found at this location.

7. My current website is on a full e-commerce host with all the bells and whistle. It hasn't been too difficult. So far, I am enjoying my experience. I shall update you on my experience with this new host but if you cannot wait, do check them Thirdspherehosting.

8. One of the easiest way is to sell digital products or ebooks. Do not know how to write? Have no fear, check out this website. Everything you need, including contents, graphics and salesletters, has been included for you.

9. Another way is to set up your own blog. Find out how you can start a blog quickly and put it into action to earn you a decent income.

10. You will need to advertise and let people know what you are selling or doing. Perhaps an advertisement brought you to this very site... A good guide to advertising using Google Adwords is this website.

10. At this point, you will probably want to learn from internet business experts. Again, there are many out there but I believe Rudi Corey and JDD Publishing are two of the better ones.

11. Life is a learning experience. Do write to me if you would like to know more of online e-commerce. I am not a technical person but will try to help out as much as possible. Cheers!

Contact Information


Mailing address:
Blk 105 Boon Keng Rd #05-07/08 Singapore 339776

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