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Smart Apple iPod and iPhone Tips, Tricks and Ideas! name is Katherine Xie and just like you, I was so excited when I got my first Apple iPod way back in 2002. I love the iPod and think they are the best music player in the world. Today, I am the proud owner of 4 iPods and have certainly learned my fair share of iPod tips and tricks! (My latest iPod is the 80GB iPod video - Saving up for an iPhone by Christmas!)

One thing I realize is that although the iPod is easy and fabulous to use, there are always some tips and advice that we may need.

So, on my website, I have gathered some of the best iPod tips and ideas that new and old iPod users will need. I recommend the best iPod accessory, tips to take care of your iPod and sources for great music and movie downloads, many of them FREE!

Let me have your iPod tips and ideas and I will add them to this website as soon as I can. Cheers and enjoy your iPod!

(By the way, I recieved a red iPod Nano as a Christmas 2007 gift. This makes it my 5th iPod since 2002! - And I finally bought my own Apple iPhone. Read my Review of the iPhone here!)

My Apple iPod story

Download free ipod tips and movies

Wow, I can't believe the Apple iPod has been around since 2001. I first owned an iPod in 2002, started this website in 2005, owned an iPhone in 2008 and an iPad by 2010. By 2010, I also had 5 different generation of iPods and had gone through 3 iPod speakers/dock.

Let me see; in 2002 I owned my first iPod, which was then the classic white iPod. At that time, not many people were into Apples and iPods and I was one of the first iPod owner in town. I had been an Apple fan and user since 1997 and when the first iPod classic first came out, I simply had to buy one.

Many people did not recognise the iPod on the streets then. Some who do, dismissed it as an expensive toy, some rave about the Creative Zune (which was much cheaper), while others simply see no value in an iPod. The classic iPod at that time was heavy, bulkier, displayed only black and white and did not go beyond just playing music compared to today's models.

I was one of the first to carry an Ipod around town. It was fun to carry my music with me whereever I go and I enjoyed spotting earphones of people in the subway to see if they were fellow iPod users. In those days, it was rare to spot the distinctive white and gray iPod headphones and we tend to give each other a recognitive wink when we spot a fellow iPod user.

Today, in 2011, it is drastically different. You see iPods in all shapes and color everywhere. Look at the subway crowd and you'll see an iPod, iPhone or an iPad user everywhere. Everyone seems to be a i-something user. No longer are iPod white and gray headphones distinctive as everyone has latched on to all sorts of headphones; including expensive in-ear, noise-cancelling headphones!

Oh, how I missed those days when I had fun spotting fellow iPod users. How I had fun giving advice to iPod newbies who latched on to the iPod and came to me for advice because I had been a veteran user. How I had fun starting this website to provide and share iPod information and technical advice. How I was inundated with advice on what good iPod accessories to buy and I begun to sell some accessories through this website.

Those pioneering days are gone. You'll see iPod websites at a click a dozen today. There are multitudes of online stores selling from everything iPod to accessories everywhere. Everyone is an iPod or iPhone expert today and my advice is no longer needed.

I look back at those good old days with great nostalgia. To be honest, I haven't even been updating this website lately but refused to let it die because I missed those days. Once in a while, I get a reader, who writes in and share those nostalgic days and it makes my day.

So, when will I update this website next?

Er.... how about when I buy my next iPhone5 and iPad2. So, don't go away; I know it will not be for long before I buy one of these!

Talk to you soon!

.-- Katherine Xie

Hey: Between Year 2011 and 2013, I have purchased yet more Apple products. Let me see, there's a MacBook, an iPad 2 and an Apple TV. Watch out for my new reviews soon!

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My latest Apple purchase

Being in the Apple eco-system can be very addictive - and very expensive.

My latest aquisition is the AppleTV box. The AppleTV is not new to the market and I'm a bit late in acquiring one.

Well, better late than never. The need was not there but the need is there now.

I acquire it because I purchased a new home theatre system and I wanted to make it a completely HD based HDMI system and hence the AppleTV media box.

In addition, I already have so many digital files and being able to play from a media box means I do not need to turn on my Mac each time I want to play something.

Let me play with it a bit more. And then, I'll update and share with everyone here the findings.

I want to thank you for all of your help, though it was a small purchase, your customer support was excellent. I would like to be able to point anyone interested in buying some of these items to you.
Charlie N, USA

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Tapping away while winning Big!

Rip audio CD to MP3

It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that Apple has found a way to completely revolutionize.... Read more

My recommendation to FREE your iPhone or iPad from cables

Have you stop buying CDs since the day you own an iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad)?

It does feel funny initially not to be shopping for CDs, storing them or carrying them around. However, I am sure you do feel a sense of freedom once you switch to digital music and stop buying and compiling CDs.

Still, are you totally liberated? Despite organising myself on digital music, I never really felt a sense of total liberation because I am still tethered to a headphone or a speaker when I'm on my iOS device.

In step the Jawbone Jambox speaker. Measuring only 10 inches across, it promises to liberate you from speakers by giving you meaningful music using Bluetooth technology between your player and the speaker. In addition to not having the need for an audio cable, the speaker also carry a chargeable battery, which allows you to bring the speaker to the garden or the beach without the need to plug it in.

I have experimented with Bluetooth headphones previously. I wasn't impressed. When Jawbone came along, I was sceptical. After a few weeks of usage, I am convinced that Jawbone speakers give the right level of sound while liberating one from audio and power cables.

If you would like to liberate yourself from hooking up a headphone or speakers, do consider the Jawbone bluetooth speakers. There is a choice of 3 sizes but I bought the largest one as I feel that I needed the 'oommph' of the bigger speaker.

If you are into having a really small and lightweight speaker, you may want to consider their mini-version. I do want to warn that the mini version does suffer from a lack of real audio power and the real audio buff will not want the mini version.

My Apple History
I welcome your email if you own more Apple products than me!

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1989 - Apple MacPlus
1992 - Mac II ci
2002 - Apple iPod II
2004 - Apple iPod Mini
2005 - Apple iPod Shuffle
2006 - Apple iPod
2008 - Apple iPhone 1
2009 - Apple MacBook
2010 - Apple iPhone 3
2010 - Apple iPad 1
2011 - Apple MacBook
2012 - Apple iPad 2
2013 - Apple TV

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Will you be interested in my blog update?

I admit. I have stayed away from this website for sometime. Career changes, motherhood and a change of country has meant much time away that prevents me from updating this website.

I started this website in the year 2005; and it feels like a century ago. It must be; because no one codes in HTML anymore. Everyone is into blogs and CMS systems, making updates and site design so much faster and easier.

So, I'm going to take the plunge. I'm going to invest some money in signing up for a good looking Wordpress theme and start doing a stylist blog on smart iPod ideas. Maybe, I should stop calling it smart ipod ideas - it should be perhaps smart iOS ideas!

See you soon with a radical new design!



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